About Conservative Stitch


The Conservative Stitch is unique in that it offers not just conservative commentary and analysis from myself and others, but a blend of politics and history.

We are a nation of individuality; we have always been a nation of achievers. A nation of people who take responsibility for our own achievements. As well as for our own failures.

The American Dream as envisioned by our Founding Fathers can only be realized through hard work,  through perseverance, conservative values, and the free market with limited government.

It is my mission with this web site is to help preserve the America I grew up in for the sake of future children and grandchildren.

I am devoted to an America that promotes free enterprise and ingenuity, and the opportunity for regular people like me and you to exercise your rights and fulfill your dreams.

I have great faith in America and its people. This is a great land and great people. If we work so as to enjoy the approval of a Divine Providence, we will endure as a nation. Without God’s help, we cannot long endure.

It is my hope that you will become part of this mission and join us here at  Conservative  Stitch. Time is short. Let’s begin – in earnest – and may God Bless our efforts.

Thanks Russell M. Scott Owner and Site Admin.





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