Conservative Solutions

By Russell M. Scott

Conservatives must start offering  Conservative solutions. There is no lack of great ideas to address the pressing issues of the day.  The Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, for example all have some excellent ideas to move America forward towards liberty, security and prosperity. There is no lack of data to support jettisoning the FALSE pressing issues such as ‘global warming BS’ amnesty for illegal aliens and so on.

Here’s a thought! instead of regulating coal out of existence for the ruse of saving the planet, advocate fast tracking nuclear power and clean coal plant permits, more natural gas power plants, with donations of federal lands to build them on.  Instead of letting China Joe pick the winners and losers of the emerging “green” technologies, advocate tax incentives to further their development and demonstration. Instead of surrendering to the siren song of socialized, federally run healthcare, advocate the elimination of regulations that force insurance providers to include things like abortion and mental health services for those who have no desire for this crap in their policies.

Instead of dangling federal dollars over the heads of state/city run schools to have them standardize per the wishes of federal bureaucrats, advocate the elimination of the Department of Education altogether; and refund all the billions of dollars to the states that are currently being collected, skimmed, and then returned with sticky strings attached.   Instead of drastically cutting dollars out of the defense budget to pay other government expenses, advocate the elimination of 30% of the federal government departments and personnel.   Americans will be shocked at the amount of useless, expensive, anti-constitutional nonsense that exists in the federal leviathan, if conservatives take the time to fully illustrate it.

We the people are responsible for the character of our Government



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