Day: February 5, 2021

February 5, 2021

A Letter from the Middle to the Left about Healing and Unity

“The Hateful” vs. “The Kind”

Danusha V. Goska

A very big family in a very small house: my childhood home. The youngest of six, fights terrified me. Four older brothers, all over six feet, athletes, hunters, trappers, and archers. When the borscht hit the fan, crimson spattered the walls. Smaller and softer than they, less angry, eager to please, I shuddered. What sparked these swift, hard fists, these over-the-top curses? We had food, shelter, chicken on Sunday, school, church, friends, movies; life was good. I was just a lump of dough, praying for quiet to return.

I’m feeling the same fear again, of witnessing irrational hostility and fraternal violence, the despair that I am a bystander who has no power to influence events that terrify and depress me.

As far as I know, I am the only one of my Facebook friends who condemned both the BLM riots of 2020 and the January 6th assault on the Capitol. To the left-wing tribe, BLM violence was sanctioned. To the other, right-wing violence did not call for condemnation. My right-wing Facebook friends call me “liberal.” The left-wingers call me “conservative.” I think of myself as neither, but rather as a Christian, a patriotic American in awe of the Founding Fathers, a grateful inheritor of Western Civilization, and a capitalist. I lack the language to reach either side. We are all in the same boat, and a hole in your end sinks me. I don’t know enough other people who feel the same way, so I feel alone.

On January 27, in the New York Times, Nicholas Kristof published a letter to conservatives, attempting to reassure them that, now that the presidency, the House and the Senate are all in Democratic hands, no one is out to get them. Team Biden says they are all about “healing” and “unity.” I support both healing and unity and I wish our new president well. But Team Biden is planting landmines that will spark future conflict. I will discuss some of the more prominent landmines, below.

Biden nominated Dr. Rachel Levine as Assistant Secretary of Health. Levine has been accused of bungling Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 response, and practicing a double standard when it came to Levine’s own mother. Anyone who points this out risks being canceled as “transphobic.”

Levine was born a man, and now wishes to be regarded as a woman. There are already calls for a schoolboard member to resign after tweeting an understated criticism of Levine’s physical appearance. Mentioning that the plainly masculine Dr. Levine, with a double chin, scraggly hair, and flabby flesh, is hardly the picture of vigorous, glowing health, is a career-ending offense. Rabbi Jennifer Schlosberg, who began the petition calling for the firing, compared a tweet commenting on a public physician’s physical appearance to “this hate … that lead to the murdering of MILLIONS of people” that is, the Holocaust. “Thank God we have each other,” Schlosberg wrote.

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Once There Was A Country

Are we still living in America? One wonders. But we’d better recognize the source of the problem and confront it before they cancel John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart.

America was once a proud country, a gracious one, and an accomplished one. That’s no longer true, but there is one American institution that bears the responsibility for this fall and that can still be reformed.

Once there was a country that could magnanimously reconcile its most profound differences. The victorious general of a civil war returned to the losing general his sword. The policy in the aftermath of strife was “Reconstruction” not “Retaliation.” Hands were shaken, each side saluting its former enemies for their fortitude and valor.

Once there was a country where the legislative leaders of opposing factions, a southerner and a northerner, Senators Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas and Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, could bicker and haggle by day and dine together and enjoy one another’s company by night.

Once there was a country that knew how to deal with violent offenders. A child was raped and murdered in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on December 22, 1921, the perpetrator pretending to be Santa Claus. The police quickly identified a suspect with a prior arrest for child molestation and apprehended him on Christmas Eve in a shack in the woods 12 miles from the crime scene. Blood-stained garments were found. Eyewitnesses testified to having watched the suspect lure the child away.

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Gaetz Asks To Open Judiciary Meeting With Pledge of Allegiance; Nadler Says Once A Day Is Enough

by Martin Walsh

House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler denied Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz’s request to begin each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, saying the committee is “covered” as the House already begins each day with it.

While delivering remarks, Gaetz made a simple request to begin their meetings by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance because it is a “unifying” message.

“I want to extend a welcome to the new committee members,” Gaetz began.

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Pelosi STRIKES – Dems Just Made it Official

Congressional Democrats are preparing to leave Republicans behind as they push forward with another COVID-19 relief bill.

With a 50/50 party split in the Senate, congressional Democrats have spent the past week discussing using a budget reconciliation bill to pass their COVID-19 relief with just a simple majority.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi affirmed in a Thursday press conference that Democrats would pass the reconciliation “if we need it” — but some centrist Republicans reportedly aren’t thrilled.

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Pull Your Money Out Of Bank Of America Now!

Tucker: Bank of America secretly turned over customer data to FBI

Corvus Dove : What about constitutional rights?” Well, remember those license agreements, EULAs, and Terms and Conditions you had to accept to have a credit card, debit card, checking account, online banking, etc.? You already consented to all of this. These banks sell your data all of the time, you can’t be shocked that the FBI requested it and got it for free.