Day: April 1, 2021

REPORT: Kids in Migrant Camps Engaging in Sexual Activity, Sent to Hotels with Un-vetted Caregivers

By Alicia Powe

Children, even brothers and sisters, are reportedly engaged in sexual acts with each other in the migrant facilities housing thousands of illegal aliens in McAllen, Texas.

The American people would be shocked to see the inhumane conditions the tent-camp housing used to detain thousands of migrants to flood across the border under the Biden administration, a source from inside the camps warned InfoWars host Owen Shroyer.

“An anonymous source from inside a big illegal immigration facility is telling us that the children are engaging in sexual acts with one another, and brothers and sisters are engaging in sexual acts with one another. And, children are basically masturbating and doing sexual acts, which of course is a phenomenon, very odd that this would be going on,” Shroyer reports. “Not normal behavior, unless of course, they’re being subjected to molestation and rape and other sexual things on the journey.”

Workers inside the facility are now separating the children from each other to ward off the promiscuity, In-fowars learned after staking out the camp along the devolving U.S. Mexico border for several hours.

“Now, we know that that is going on, but now it’s just happening blatantly, rampantly, and the people inside the facilities have to separate these kids because they are reenacting what’s been done to them on the trip with their brothers and sisters,”  the InfoWars host said. “I mean, this is so diabolical. This is so heartbreaking that this is going on.”

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Cartel use of stash houses and tractor-trailers threatens Laredo, Texas


BY: Anna Giaritelli Homeland Security Reporter

LAREDO, Texas — Federal law enforcement officers in south-central Texas are busting “stash houses” that smugglers use to hold illegal immigrants who have just crossed the border and are catching adults hidden inside tractor-trailers headed deep into the United States.

While in other parts of the U.S.-Mexico border, children and families make up more than half of those being encountered at the border, adults make up 94% of all illegal entries in the Laredo region. Just 2% of the 52,000 people encountered at the border in approximately the past six months were families, and 4% were children without parents.

“The other places you see a lot of families, but here it’s more on the criminal side,” Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz, a Democrat, told the Washington Examiner in an interview. “Laredo is relatively safe. It is. But if we don’t correct this stash house and tractor-trailers activity that we have with these folks, this could escalate and possibly become a war zone … between rival gangs.”

Whereas families and children coming across the border without permission seek out and surrender to agents, single adults sneaking in near Laredo are determined to evade arrest and rely on smugglers to get them over the border and then into a “stash house.” These houses or apartments will often hold 50 to 100 people for days to weeks as the smugglers plan out how to transport them to the destination of their choice deeper within the country. Oftentimes, they use tractor-trailers.

Since October, Laredo has had a 400% increase in stash house busts compared to the same period last year. Some of the people inside the houses have criminal records, Saenz said, which is one reason they do not want to get caught by police while getting across the border.

Law enforcement has arrested 3,900 people around Laredo who were being smuggled into the country via tractor-trailers trucks. It is a 120% increase from the same time a year ago.

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