Day: March 23, 2021

Biden is in Big Business: Traffickers Bringing Illegals Across the Border .

Earning Millions of Dollars a Day. Follow the money!!!

According to report by Fox News, trafficking people across the border has become a very profitable business. Just in February, traffickers made as much as 14 million dollars a day by moving men, women, and children across the US-Mexico border.

Former Tucson Border Patrol Chief, Roy Villareal, told Fox News that “trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry.”

The recently retired Patrol Chief who spent 30 years with the agency said that a lot of these vulnerable people use they “life savings” to pay the traffickers to get them across the border.

“Some are essentially indentured servants and they’re working off this debt for a long period of time. In other cases, some of these migrants are asked to transport narcotics or some form of crime to work off a different part of their debt,” he said.

Customs and Border Patrol estimated the smuggling fee revenues traffickers made was a staggering $411.5 million in the month of February alone; which was made through moving people from Mexico and Central American Countries to the US Border. That is an average of 14.7 million dollars per day.

At the moment, the costs of the Border crisis is rising daily for the US government. The cost to US taxpayers now tops five million dollars a day. The number is based on 2019 figures provided by Health and Human Services, which put the daily “influx” shelter cost at 800 dollars per illegal alien.

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The Fix Is In: Leaked Email: The White House Issued Directive

Clear Path for Kamala Presidency

The American people are getting visibly acclimated to a Kamala Harris presidency. A new directive from the White House is one of the most concrete developments that federal officials are getting warmed up for the Harris takeover, as well.

Despite long-standing security protocols against the president and vice president traveling together, President Biden and Vice President Harris are virtually inseparable. They have even traveled on Air Force One together to a recent speaking event in Atlanta, although Biden himself was forbidden from doing so under the Biden administration.

In addition, Harris has been taking over a key role in foreign policy making. She has met with numerous heads of state in one-on-one meetings, and is included in all of the president’s IC briefings.

Now, there is formal recognition of Harris’s role as a vital member of the Biden administration, breaking from the usual presumption that the vice presidency is a low-key and less visible office.

According to a report at the website Outspoken, a leaked email shows that “top White House communications team member” is directing that official correspondence at all federal agencies include mentioning Vice President Kamala D. Harris.


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