Day: March 12, 2021

White House denies Trump deserves credit for coronavirus gains.

deserves credit for coronavirus gains.

by Naomi Lim

The White House still will not give credit where it does not believe it is due regarding former President Donald Trump’s contributions to the country’s coronavirus pandemic response.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was pressed by NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander on Friday about President Biden’s decision to omit Trump from his first national address when hailing the swift development of multiple COVID-19 vaccines.

“There are clear steps that have been taken since the president took office that have put us on a trajectory that we were not on when he was inaugurated,” Psaki told him, referring to vaccine distribution logistics.

“And leadership starts at the top,” she said, mentioning mask-wearing.

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Human Trafficking, Fentanyl, and a ‘Parallel Government’ – Former Border Intel Office

Describes the Escalating Threats Amid Border Chaos


By Stacey Lennox

Reports from the border indicate a crisis is looming. Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security asked for volunteers from senior staff to support border agents, warning they expect high numbers of border crossings to continue for months. ICE has asked officers to deploy as soon as this weekend. A record number of unaccompanied minors have also arrived. Internal memos show 3,500 children were waiting in border control stations in addition to the 8,500 already housed in HHS shelters awaiting placement. Yes, this means the Biden administration has children in the “cages” the Obama administration built.

While these flows at the border are a significant concern, a pressing question is who is profiting and how it increases their power. According to Jaeson Jones, retired captain of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Intelligence and Counter terrorism Division, the beneficiaries are cartels. He now runs an organization called Tripwires and Triggers that seeks to bring media attention to the border risks that do not receive sufficient coverage.

It was never about the human trafficking that was taking over at our border. Or the human smuggling issue. Fentanyl pouring into the country which we knew was going to be a killer. But there is also the fact that the cartels themselves had gone through a quantum leap and change from originally organized crime into what we see now as a parallel government.

In his description, it is clear that these are not unsophisticated gangs that may operate in a territory but don’t control it. They are disciplined, militarized, transnational organizations that wield power over local and national governments to the south of our border. Cartels are not just a U.S.-Mexico problem. Sinaloa is in 54 nations globally, and Carte Jalisco in over 48 countries.

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