Day: March 11, 2021

Kamala Has the Best of Both Worlds

By Michael V. Wilson

Since before the November 2020 event masquerading as an election, conservative pundits have been theorizing that mentally deficient and rapidly declining Joe Biden is merely a placeholder for the eventual rise to power of Kamala Harris, the shrill Hillary Clinton wannabe who accrued political power on her back and was so unlikable that she was forced to drop out of the Democratic primaries two months before the Iowa caucuses without garnering a single delegate.


The most popular theory is that the powers that be chose Biden as a safe, likable candidate as a contrast to the larger-than-life bombastic personality of President Donald J. Trump, hoping to ease Biden across the finish line by hook or by crook as an easily controlled puppet.  Kamala, so the thinking goes, was the designated minority who filled an intersectionality checkbox of being black (more or less) and female (if we can still say that).

Now that the Biden/Harris regime has been installed, the left has only to wait a decent, or indecent, amount of time for Ole Joe’s decline to become too obvious to cover up, then gently ease him out the door by inducing him to resign or using the 25th Amendment if he refuses to do so or can’t understand what they’re asking him to do.  At that point, Kamala can be installed in his place, and the self-indulgent party can continue without letup or hindrance.  Some pundits differ on the amount of time the left will wait before putting Biden out to pasture.  I’ve heard everything from a few months to two years, the only constant being its inevitability.

There’s a certain amount of logic to it.  Like Biden, Kamala never met a standard she could keep or a moral she agreed with for anything other than cynical, self-aggrandizing motives.  She wouldn’t recognize the commandment against lying if it bit her in the fundamental, and she is (with apologies to Fedex) absolutely, positively a godless communist who hates America and everything that’s good and decent in the world.  Admittedly, Sleepy Joe may not be an out-and-out communist, but as a good socialist, he’s right next door to communism, making him and Kamala two peas in a pod.  They agree on 99.9% of everything, differing mainly on how fast their left-wing policies should be implemented.  The only noticeable difference between them is that Kamala can string together a dozen or more sentences without losing her place, forgetting important names and dates, or sucking on someone’s fingers.